Whale Tchaik comp 1990 unleazh


Tru juz go to 46:40

E-pplause. Damn!

Thanks for the find!

Da :whale: chill tech!!


Yeah, I was gonna something along the same lines. How smooth he makes those thorny passages seem. That’s what you call being gifted.

After da complete TEz, da Rach 3 juz like takin a pizz fo da whale.

He has a really warm sound even when unleashing FFF



looked unpredicktably zpeedy n flexible in diz vintage vid!!! :sunglasses:

i wundah when exactly did da WHALE FINZ acquire itz trademark ZL*W-n-GHEY look, diz a uniquely zheeyat-lookin tech among da clazz of ELITE TECH MOFOz

n no, da CAMELDICK not quite elite tech by any meazure 8)

Da WHALE hands look slow on cam now, randomly, but still sound quick n effortless. Diz whale voodoo tech

Da young whale hands a bit beautiful :blush:

noticed that!

Was thinking da whale and kocsis had good looking hands when young then slowly turned catcher mitt

Pogo and ho height of hand sexy appeal in their day I think

This conversation has taken an interesting turn.

ahahaha awaitin a ZKEPTO entry any moment now 8)

randomly da ZLIT handz circa 2000 da sexiezt evah fo da zepp 8)

AHAHAHAH da TRUMOFO maztery of da :blush: emotizheeyat bazically MART level now :sunglasses:

I love the doco for this comp too, he’s such a chill guy.
One of my favourite Whale recitals is one from a Russian radio broadcast where he played the Mozart C minor sonata and some schubert-Liszt.
I wish he still played like that.

Tru da whale…Dem live rocketz 39/3 n 9 Tru!! :rock:


Fo moi, tiz da Claire Hugepussy Liszt FF n 10/2 combo