What are your favourite of the lesser known concertos?

Any concerto which has fewer than around 10 recordings available.

My favourites are :

Rubinstein No. 4
Medtner No. 2
Scharwenka No. 1
Glazunov No. 1

Sscharwenka 4 with hough !!

True, that’s just a great disc.

Rubinstein 3 and 4
Bortkiewicz left hand

I don’t know if there are more than ten recordings, but Dvorak is one of my most favorite concerti.

I’d say it counts as under-appreciated. And I agree. :rectum:

Somehow I didn’t even know that was a thing. I will have to check it out.

Scharwenka 4 (also have a soft spot for No.1)
Medtner 2

There are so many of them… I also like Scharwenka-4 and Henselt, and have always had a soft spot for Alkan’s little chamber concertos. If it counts though, something like Liszt’s Malediction, De Profundis or Ruins of Athens fantasy are at the very top, along with a symphonic poem of sorts for piano and orchestra a friend of mine wrote for his diploma concert a decade back or so.

Hummel amin
Rio Grande
Respighi Modo Misolidio
Dohnanyi Nursery Rhyme Variations (I know it’s prolly his most popular piece but it’s not standard rep)

Agree, the Medtner 2 is insanely good.

Busoni (I don’t know all the recording). Lutoslawski is also good.

I’m gonna have to listen to the Medtner 2 a lot more.
I’m more familiar with the 1st.

seconded on the Ruby 4!

how about da RIMZKY conc?

I have been listening to the Sudbin-recording recently. You should check it out (available on spotify if you have it).

Tchaik PC #1

LvB PC #3

Or are there more than 10 recordings of those? I think they deserve to be known better.

Truu esp on da Ginsburg rec of da economical ruins of Athens pimp fant!


More 8)
Important in da Ruinz

Mannnn, dat name sound familiar :blush:


And this for De Profundis: youtu.be/KN3QCx_WQTo

Unfinished, but a self-portrait from the young Liszt better than any painting.


Never heard it :blush: