what happen with da viking

he zeemz to pozted 43 times in just one night :dong: :dong: :dong:

hahahah almozt :comme: orlevel 8)

hahahah wtf?!?!?!?

tru :dong: :comme:

:dong: Vs :comme:

hahaha da BOA

da trumofo

HAH i needed 100 poztz to access the ligeti etudes thread


thats what i thought youre reason was. youre just a LEECHER.

Agreed, ban that prick

I randomly agree wiff da Jre

i have uploaded: da shrimp grande polonaise vid
Argerich liszt concerto vid
Ingolf chopin etudes vid
liszt malediction rec

Im not THAT leechy am i??


none of those sheeyat are rare. you can get them from da GFF (SDC’s adopted son). Anyway, dis mofo should get banned.

P.S. you are still a leecher.

Hahah damn. Da witch hunt. But I agree.


unfortunate for him

he needz to pozt another 100 8)

banned 8)

rezpec da hungzung 8)

hahahah, in any caze, he shuld be banned just fo being stupid enough for revealin this.

still, spamming da forum just to leech, regardless of how much you have uploaded in the past (it aint much anyways), is still a ghey move on your part. you shoulda worked up to that point by posting gradually with some uploads and less spam.

haha sdc’s abandoned son more like :smiling_imp: