what iz yo firzt language?

What it iz

  • chink
  • jap
  • Iroquois
  • Jal speak
  • Meph speak
  • Shreddah speak
  • Canadian
  • Chinook
  • Random language
  • Farsi
  • Urdu
  • American
  • Hahaha Ic
  • random Tribal langauge (specify which tribe)
  • Portugese, but not Spanish
  • Spanish
  • KO-rean
  • Wop
  • tru
  • Graeco-Roman Wrestling
  • Arabic, Mesopotamian Spoken
  • Arabic, Judeo-Iraqi
  • French, randomly
  • You left out mah motha tongue u fuckah.

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ic :lib:

you left out robot speak, skepto speak and italian.

hahahaha da portuguezze but not spanish was gensui, respec :wink:

im a maori 8)

hahahah i thought WOP wuz tha acceptd ethnic slur fo tha Italianz?

hahaha ur SO not invited to mah birthday party.

HAHAHAH MEPH SPEAK! :dong: :dong: :dong:

ahahahah randomly mah bad self speaks da meph speak wich is norwegian.

-da Meph

hahah who elze votd fo mehp speak? a fellow Norwegian wood countrymen? :lib:

french canadian 8)

ic :comme:

i cant believc no onez haz selectd “chink” yet.

and who selected Judeo-Iraqui arabic>???/ 8)

i reprezent dem spanish speakers.

i find diz topic offenzive

Da superstar, maybe.

unfortunately mah country has two languages, finnish AND SHREDDAH SPEAK

so we haff to learn swedish language too in our schools :frowning:

jag tycker inte om sprata svenska?


Swedish is fairly tru


Da Superstar speaks Poligh and Arabisch as first languages … haha …

Jeremy u’re goin on well actually … while ive been down for a while since da comp is over and i have loadz of projects … randomly … ill be back in few days for good and uploading nu fuckin stuff … big up :slight_smile:

hahahah supahstar randomly returnz.


tiz da ROD in dizguize 8)