What performance inspires you the most of all?

Of all the wonderful piano performances out there, which one moves you the most?

Although they aren’t talked about as much as say, Friedman’s Chopin and Mendelssohn, or Schnabel’s Beethoven, for me, the greatest piano performances ever put to disc are Moiseiwitsch’s Chopin Preludes. The phrasings and colours, rubato are simply glorious…but the character he brings to every one of the pieces and the unity he brings to the work as a whole is just staggering. Benno’s preludes changed the way I think about music. I can’t listen to Tiempo, Argerich, Kissin, or even Arrau in the 16th preludes without desperately missing Benno leggiero. I can’t listen to any performance of the 12th without missing Benno’s outrageous rhythmic drive, or any other performance of the others without missing his voicing and perfect understanding of harmony. I can go on and on.
In a way, I’m spoiled… I can’t listen to any piano performance without judging it against this stratospheric technical and musical standard.

Music I listen to when in need of a quasi-religious experience.

What performance has this sort of effect on you?

Janet Baker’s rendition of Mahler’s songs.

Non piano, but when I read “Music I listen to when in need of a quasi-religious experience.” this immediatly sprang to mind. I can’t live without and need to listen to it thoroughly at least once a month.

And on piano… Hmm, this is hard, I need time to think.

Great topique, by ze vay

generally I’m more inspired by great technique, not really in terms of facility but sound (i.e. how good the legato is, how even, how “golden” the tone etc). In terms of quasi-religious… I’ll also have to think about that and post later.

Interesting that you mention Moiseiwitsch’s Preludes. Chopin’s preludes were the only Chopin works which I did not really like - until I heard Moiseiwitsch’s version. (Now I like others as well).

For me, Schubert’s String Quintet (preferably the old Casals recording at the moment) is the type of Music I listen to when in need of a quasi-religious experience.

On the top of my head, the Schubert impromptu and kinderszenen and basically the whole recital by horowitz from the vienna musikverein. Its a nostalgic chioce, but it works for me.


Sokolov’s Choptudes op25
Richter’s Rach 2
Argerich’s Prok 3
Mickey’s Ravel Concerto w/Celi
Celi’s La Mer

Young Horowitz’z :pimp: Zon

:ho: :ho: :ho: :ho: :ho:

Friedman Chopin Nocturne Op. 55/2

having thought about it, the one that had the greatest effect (or at least a noticeably great effect) was Cziffra’s live Schumann 1st sonata. Another one would be De Pachmann’s Chopin 1st Impromptu, especially the middle section.

richter’sz zl+w ass d960 iz pretty religiouz i guezz :rectum: 8)

Recently tiz da Neuberger Franck PCF performance from the medici cap i have posted

i gotta say, even though i luv othah onez lyk da Richter/Fiorentino
dere iz zth more spontaneous in da Neuberger performance that I am digging

tru that’s a great performance. it shows that he’s also an organist

ahaha tiz change every 2 weekz or zo fo moi

rite now tiz randomly



Fiorentino’s Rach Op.23 no.6, perhaps…

Another big contender would be Celi’s La Mer (as mentioned above).

fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk n i forgot to mention

da TEMPO chop1

diz, n da DONGAH rocky3 in jap

pozz ma 2 fav conc perfz of all tym it iz tru 8)

yea, even horowitz admitted he somewhat copied friedman’s playing. imo, it can take a life time to play like that.

and his chop 10-7 is insane, technically flawless.

if i have to single out 1 rec, i now vote for feinberg wtc bk1 no.4.

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