what sheet music shud i buy tomo?

so tomorrow I am going to muh last piano lesson wiz muh teacher b4 uni, and since its in a piano/music store, I wanna spend roughly about 30 dollars in sheet music, cuz i am going to uni and will need it there cuz of piano major…

so, I wanna buy some new bach. I heff the WTC 1 and goldy variations so far…wut more bach shud i buy, besides da WTC 2?

wut else random shud i buy…obvious things lyk da chopets or ballades i already heff ofcourse…

what mozart shud i buy, or beethoven, since i heff none?

da complete sonatas for da beet r too expensive, and the editions suck, cuz its in a big ass book dat wont stay open at da piano…

buy english and french suites, i bought em both fo 15 euros 8)

Milfy if you like the Bach you might also like Clementi Sonatas and Sonantinas, of course playing dem and discussing it may get you REBANNED

o get Scarlatti Sonatas dere are a zillion

tru…y did i get banned dat one time anyways??? :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

buy da real book 8)


so yea, I just got home and I bought sheetsa for da hanon, fur elise, moonlight sonata, and some random Titanic movie soundtrack sheetz…

i keed i keed :smiling_imp:

I bought da broda 4th concerto, some sonatas, and bach’s inventions and sinfonias…

enjoy the nu music,

practice, and listen to legendary recs.