What sup with Great Pianists having ugly wives?

been wondering this for a while

Vladimir Horowitz

Gyorgy Cziffra

Marc-Andre Hamelin

Is it a way to abstain themselves from having sex, in order to boost the desire to enhance the octave technique? (By wanking)



it works…trust me. 8)


look at da ziff’s pic

man, hiz wife looks like she haz more FURY den HIM, she iz crushin da ZIFF!

hahaha, he had to unload some fury 8)

Da Arraused had wikid octz when he waz young. Den he got arraused by hiz hot wife. 8)

hahahaha, dis explains it

and hiz wife WAZ fuckin hot man

Wanda didn’t look that bad in some pic.

i wanda which pics u iz talkin about


check out by urself.

She’s not that beautiful, but not considered to be called “ugly”.

hahaha, well ok

but da ARRAUZAL had it made 8)

she became more ‘acceptable’ when ages fly by.

hahahaha, mildly harsh

da doc’s bitch mings wit a vengence. Dayum u woulda thought dat wit his girth, he woulda pulled a fitter woman. 8)

he sacrificed, to maintain hiz octz 8)

or maybe da “slap biatch tech” 8)

ahaha, dats rite - hiz wife iz naughty and haz a purple azz

What’s up with great pianists just being plain ugly? With the exception of Ed, Martha Argerich (even now she’s still holdin’ it down), Koji Atwood, and some other mofos…Mei-Ting! Truuuuuuuue mofo!

hahaha, dont foget da pogostick