What would program well with Zhoe Op 17

Datz rite. Da Scrib 5 is INSANE in every way, tiz a truly hard sheeyat to play da tru way


According to :rectum: it’s the most difficult piece in the entire repertoire…

My personal opinion is that life is too short to discard works because of hardness. Just play the music you love.

Tru. I should try to learn Fur Elise.

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And he ztill fucked up the Op.17 worze than he ever did with da Scrib 5! At leazt in live performance.

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That’s right!!

Hahah da Richter take-no-prisoner approach to dose brutal leaps, a bit legendary :sunglasses:

Also, datz ma quibble with da Shoe Sexual Fant. Da 45 seconds of leaps is whut mofos is waiting for as u play it…

@festinfurious isn’t it sorta GHEY to put an elite tech moment like dat into an otherwise “accessible” song?

Only other peniszts to see if you vill fuck up.

Nah, sadly, fuckups in da leaps sect dere are too apparent

Same goes for da Pimp Meph, Campy, TE 8 n other similar legendary leaps.

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pozz, alternatively it becumz da only sect of yo perf any mofo botherz to liszten to. I only listen to da octz in T1 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, yeah…

… so, basically da Ho iconic 1965 live perf

Da worst EVER of this song?


Speaking of tech, what’s yo favorite(s) masterclass to watch on da tube? Any good ones?

I’m still laughing at diz iconic TMism.

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Well, no masterclass is going to be particularly helpful because each pianist is different, a solution which works for one mofo may not work for another…

Is dere anything specifically dat u iz working on now?

No. I just find them entertaining.

A bit of an epic maztahclazz from da CAMEL

If the Bolet Rach 3 masterclass is still up, it’s worth watching.

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Truuuu. My fave parts in that is when da CAMEL show da student sum of his gensui fucked 42 42 fingerings + high wrist fork sheeyatz

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I’ve seen both of these. The Niobe kid was super intimidated by da Camel’s girth.

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He’s a wikid pianist!


Did he switch to condfucking


hahahaha mah favorite maztahclazz sheeyat iz da YVONNE LEFÉBURE. She’z totally fuckin nutz, I love her.