Whats easier scriabin 4 or feinberg 1

anyone with exp with both let me know your thoughts?

Feinberg 1 because it’s not recorded too much and you can BS as needed

We got the composer himself doing it :sunglasses:

With Scriabin 4 unfortunately people just compare recordings and will already have a “hero” for this somewhat overplayed middle period masterwork

It’s extremely standard rep at this point and very difficult to do well imo.

I recommend learning da Scriabin 7 instead.

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Yeah my hero is Feinberg haha.

My teacher said I should learn it but I’m like fk that, I really love it but, I think I wanna mature more. The rep we picked out is this for this year, if I finish quick I’ll add more.

Bach: P&F Book 1 D major (i’m basically done with prelude, know the fugue okay but need lots of polishing and practice)
Beethoven: Op 2 no 1 mvmnt 1 (mastered first repeate by memory but other mvmnt 1 need worK) and 4, Andante Favori, if I don’t do Andante I’ll do whole op 2 no 1
Scriabin: op 45 no 1 (read thru it a lot HT)
Rach: op 23 no 6 (read thru it a lot HS)
Chopin: op 10 no 8 (just have been starting process and its fun), and mazurkas (op 67 no 2 I have basically done, I think I’ll maybe learn all of op 67)

ALSO For XMAS TIME I WANNA LEARN A NUTCRACKER piece like the march ahaha, tchaiks arrangement though. Also a Schubert Impromptu I think would be good for me.

I’d sacrifice some of these like the Rach, for Feinberg 1, but, IDK what I’ma do yet, I was jealous of a lot of pianists at the festivals who knew big works like Ballade 3, and I knew I had better teechnique than them (so i wanna learn my first big boy), but, I’m kind of a slow learner, so IDK what will happen with me, whatever I do learn though I know I will play well.

just focus on yourself. everyone develops differently.



Foxy Feinberg

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If you’re on the competition circuit, I’m guessing Scrib 4 is a better choice. No?

Hard to find a pattern in which rep might be appreciated more but imo Scriabin 4 is overdone to the extent that anything less than a “perfect studio rendering” of it is easy to criticize.

Trying to pick rep based on what someone, somewhere, might like more, is already a mistake.

I’d go for either da Feinberg or a late Scriabin Sonata like 6, 7 or even 8 (if you want to dilate your asshole).

Ultimately, for a comp, I’d play what I can play best. If you think you can’t produce a top-notch Scrib 4 (even though you like the work), then maybe don’t do competitions?

Feinberg might be easier to pitch to a label (recorded much less, although that is rapidly changing too)

Or make your own version and base it on the orchestral score… could be a cool project imo

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Don’t care for a comp, just learning stuff that will beneift me most for my progress and improvement artistry overall.

If I do a comp I do a comp, but, i’m just focused on how I can be the best musician possible and working on learning all the stuff you need, scales arpeggios, thirds sixhts, etc. and rep, and just if I do all that and learn the motor preludes recommended by Heinrich N. from book 1-2, and just czerny, and then rep and bla bla bla…

If I do this… I will be a good musician and probably do well at a comp, if not who cares because I just want to fulfill the eventual goal of making great art with lots of colors and characters and freedom in my interpreations and playing.

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hmm, maybe I will do this. I will listen to it more, I’ve been getting into big orchestral works lately I’ve been listening to Mahler 2 every day, and I wanna do stuff like that like arrange bach wtc for piano and violin…

i sightread some bach wtc with a violinst and it was lots of fun

That will be displayed where?

I’m not trying to push your buttons…honestly.

I’m just curious about what do people who purpose advanced degrees in music performance plan on doing after their degree. If I had the chops to get into a top music school, I’d imagine my number one goal would be to get concert engagements after I graduate or soon after. Once I reached the age of 19-21, I’d try to get my name out there and, for most, it seems that competitions are the primary way to get known.


Well, I will make my money as a programmer, and eventually do real estate (join family biz), and do teaching on piano on the side as private teacher.

Maybe eventually I’ll do a degree at a school, but I don’t like academia too much, I think all that is needed is to play like a beast and upload it on YT/IG and then use that as your marketing.

So it will be displayed on the best place to display art in the modern age… Youtube, and then I will do concerts at music festivals, I will try to go to music festivals every year, and then network that way. I’m just gonna be my teachers bitch basically, and I’ll find opportunities to perform thru her for sure.

I’ll likely try to do competitions, but, it’s not a priority ATM, the priority is building a rock rock solid foundation, and learning a lot of good rep that will be good more my devlopment, and then hopefully get into outstanding student masterclass at music festival next year.

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The chances for concert engagements are so slim and many of the people who luck out and get a management for a number of years, still end up back to square one after like 5 years and need to get some income going. That’s why degrees like DMA exist, it’s to start pivoting into teaching - but that shouldn’t be a free-pass for the artist to neglect the craft.

Most of the audience really does perceive music making as a hobby and not a real profession.

BUT if you want to keep playing, you’ll keep going. Period. If the best that can come of it, financially, is a tax write-off, so be it :trump:

And fund your career. There we go.

Daim… uh, btw, I’m looking for a sugar-daddy :redface:

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Theres legit ppl on Ig who have like 10k+ followers who suck also, I think I don’t need to blow up blow up. Just get like 70-100k followers, and sell online courses and do all the BS scams, (also an online teaching gig like yours seems good but, the grass is always greener haha) and I think that is more than enough.

I have integrity, but, also I have no integrity, if I need to take steroids and cosplay as an anime character on a public piano playing Chopin Etudes, I will do it if that’s what it takes to make music my career so I can practice all day.