What's the dam piece!

I’m going nuts trying to remember this penist and piece.

It was written for a movie and has an insane amount of arpeggios that Horowitz balked at. Someone’s transcribed it an uploaded on youtube but fucked if I can find it.
Keep thinking it’s Firkusny but can’t find anything. I did think it was an American Pianist.

So not written for piano originally? And Horowitz knew and talked about it in its non-piano form?

Nah, as in it’s a piano piece but the dude didn’t write it down.
Someone transcribed it from the recording.

The title is something to do with cliffs or mountains or something.


Cliffs just triggered it.

A masterpiece ! :dong:

Maxim would have unleashed it at da Chinese olympdicks

If he had da tech 8)

It is what it is…
Virtuosic, colourful, unabashedly Romantic writing.

Amazing playing though. His Rozsa Piano Concerto is nuts.

They don’t write 'em like that anymore!

I’m not surprised Horowitz didn’t wanna play this rubbish.

Someone wanna identify this for me?
I recognise it, but can’t work out what it is.

Edit: nevermind, I’m just gonna upload this shit anyway without the encore labelled.

Schmaltzy AF… sounds like bad film score …Monty Cliff’s broken romance typa sheeyit