When did u lazt lizten to tha WEIZZ rockzon 2 1zt mvt?

hahahaha mannnnnnnn thiz TRUWAY perf :whale:

zo recklezz abandon zoundin yet tha WEIZZ haff evrything undah control :mrgreen: :ho:

tru not zho tha purpoz of thiz topic :sunglasses:



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Tru, good rec. Though mov 2 is shite.

da compo tru :sunglasses:


Ha, mov 2 is my favourite. But Weizz rushes it, and for some reason plays it in strict meter with little rubato. No good.

the ultimate second movement is right fucking here

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I can’t quite put into words how much I disliked that, so I’ll just say fuck you for making me listen to that festering turd.


haha that was the most intense concert experience I’ve ever been through. I guess that’s what people felt while watching Nyiregyhazi explore music.

I listened as well and something I appreciated was the ecstacy he brought to 15:05 and the next minute or so. That was emotional, and I’ve never seen the passage in that way before (even if I would have listened to this as a 22 year old since I remember you did send me a copy at the time).

Everything else rather :gav: however. I thought the ideas he had were bad, like hammering out the descending line in the opening, and at this tempo and with a complete lack of any meter it just doesn’t hold together. Also terrible sound production. I can imagine something like this comes across very differently in a recital situation however.

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hahaha FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK thiz ZALT perf alzo an nu fav :whale: :whale:

n tru a gud 2nd mvt az well :mrgreen: :sunglasses:


hahahaha so insane

but would much rather listen to this than the weizz honeztly

Rezpec fo pointing diz unleazh out!

I think da :ho: 2nd movmt iz one of da amazin zound I evah heard tho

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