Wher do u ordah yo partituraz from?

tru zumtym tiz gud to haff a henle edition of a zheeyat wher do u ordah from?

iz “julliardztore” a legit zheeyat? their pricez zeem higher than othahz pluz who knowz how they treat CANDAIN cuztomahz

or iz zheetmuzicpluz tha way to go? i normally juz azk a local buzinezz to ordah fo me to zupport them but pozz gittin lazy wit waiting


Sometimes these guys Chimes Music

Sometimes Amazon.

Mostly https://www.bookfinder.com :sunglasses:

Luckily all my pimp is pubic domain so I grab da Ursext from IMSLP and print

Den when da project is done I put it all in a Foldah so I know I can cum back up my old scores with marking and bring back any of it asap