Where are they now?

Random thread about pianists you like but have lost track off over the years.

My nominations:

  1. Irina Mejoueva
    I haven’t heard anything about her in like 3+ years.
    Google search doesn’t reveal much. Does she even have a website?
  2. Jean-Frederic Neuburger
    I go to a lot of concerts and yet I never hear/see anything about upcoming performances by this excellent young pianist.

Check hmv.co.jp - Mejoueva is still making lots of records. They’re just so damn expensive I can’t afford to keep up. I went on a spree and bought a ton in 2014. Let me know if you want any of these: http://imgur.com/FgWzQG4.jpg

Neuberger is kicking ass and playing with big orchestras here and there. I have a radio broadcast of him with the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the Schumann Concerto from January of this year, if you want it. I heard something about him touring with the Bartok 2nd recently too. He has a bunch of albums, though none from the last few years. His Hammerklavier is classic.

I have his Hammerklavier, Czerny Op.740, Liszt Sonata, Ravel Gaspard/Valses nobles, Chopin/Alkan Cello Sonatas, Chopin Etudes, Live at Suntory Hall, Brahms Sonatas 1-3, and a bootleg with Partita 2, Chopin Sonata 3, and Valses nobles from 2013. Let me know if you want any.

Holy shit she has been busy!
I’m interested in the live recordings (esp kyoto recitals) and the Liszt and Debussy.
For Neuburger I’m keen on the chopets and Liszt sonata.
Thanks heaps!

He’s playing chamber music in Paris on 12th June.
I was actually aware of this but forgot because it didn’t interest me.
His schedule in the next little while seems to be all chamber music, including concerts with VBM’s regular cello partner Henri Demarquette.

What a fabulous musician!

Yo, why is Japan so in love with this Russian pianist? She doesn’t achieve speed. I don’t get it. Sounds flat to me, unfortunately.

Japs love everything white, it’s da reverse trumofo effect.

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My biggezt ‘where iz dey now’ at da moment iz da…

fuckin BRU himzelf :sunglasses:

maybe @Dr.TM haz zeen him on fb?

Juz like da :cn:

I luv it!
:hui: :tm: :champagne:

Brew’s fine. I spoke to him yesterday, and again this morning. He’s busy.


I bought a few of those Mejoueva Medtners…impressed, and very musical.