Where can an American/Englishman purchase a Zen-on ed?

I am looking for Ichida’s Well Tempered Clavier Bk1 and I can find anyplace to order it, anybody know?


gemm returns nothing, are you sure this exists?

I am sorry I do not know what gemm is, but yes I am almost positive it exists.

There was a discussion about it a while ago, if I remember correctly. I’m pretty curious about that edition myself.

It certainly exists (and is sitting right in front of me, incidentally). Fantastic edition and a great choice. I’m not sure of who is Zen-On’s UK distributor, but I have seen Zen-On scores carried in some stores (Blackwell’s in Oxford; Schott Music Shop in London). I suspect stores that carry Zen-On titles will be able to order the Ichida edition for you (whether directly from Zen-On or through their distributor). Sorry I can’t help more.

Could you scan the C-sharp major p&f for me? :smiley: many thanks!

Would if I could mate, but my scanner is in Tokyo - no dice over here in London! Sorry :blush:

Man! I have emailed a bunch of possible stores/distributors and hardly any have emailed me back. Even Hal Leonard hasn’t. Can’t be a good sign. Zen-on emailed me right away and said Hal Leonard should be able to supply me with a copy but no luck so far. I was really hoping I could start the G#m from this book because I think I might be able to tackle it with some guidance.


There’s a list of the international importers of Zen On editions, maybe you can try the British one?

i got a copy of rzewski - people united, zen-on, which was from musicroom.com

G# minor - you’re in luck. I had previously scanned this for somebody else. Enjoy: mediafire.com/?jgguzimotze

You are a God! Now all I have to do is try and figure out what the different symbols mean. Thanks again!

@e60m5: could you possibly scan the C# minor? If it isn’t too much trouble? I would really really appreciate it…

As I said earlier, I don’t have a scanner over here; but once again, you’re in luck, as I had previously scanned the C# minor fugue (though not the prelude): mediafire.com/?geydilonjzm