Where do you buy your music from?

I don’t even have a CD player these days.

amen, everything in FLAC n mp3 tru

Random question about spotify:
Does this rape your phone download limit?
I’m mainly looking at using this at the gym since I have only have a limited amount of music on my phone and can’t sync that sheeyat with itunes anymore (nfi why).
If I’m using it for say 2 hours 5-6 days a week would I max my 20 gig monthly limit?

If you listen at 320 bitrate (highest quality) for 2 hours 6 times a week it will be around 7-8 gb a month.
You can also make a playlist with everything you want to hear and tick “available offline” while on wifi, and use 0gb a month.

Oh awesome, I didn’t realise you could do that.
I think I’ll get it.
Tired of listen to Nightwish and Pendulum.

Signed up for spotify premium.
Might sign up for the 3 month trial of apple music to compare.
Apple music is probably more convenient since I’m an iphone and ipad user.

Unfortunately some of the major labels (especially Universal, nee Polygram) are inserting watermarks into their recordings that create an unpleasant resonance artifact that sounds almost like digital echo into the files they supply to Spotify, even for premium paying users and even if you’re using the highest quality setting. Apparently Sony does it too, but it isn’t as intrusive as the Universal shite. I still use it for convenience, but sometimes it really gets annoying.

Last time I checked Apple I was less than impressed, especially on specialist titles. Spotify used to carry all the BBC Legends titles, but they’re mostly gone now, though some of the newer successor label Medici titles are there. And now Spotify carries APR titles.

Watermarks are a major turnoff, especially if I’m paying for this shit.
I’ve only had a quick listen to some metal albums to test it out, but I didn’t notice any on those.

Insane that they would do this to classical, because clearly classical pirates are killing the record business. Especially stupid to do this to the paying subscribers. Goes to show you that these major labels make one bad decision after another and learn nothing from past mistakes.

As far as I have observed, nothing in the EMI/Warner catalogs (classical and otherwise), nor most small labels, are watermarked…yet.

What does da watermark sound like?

community.spotify.com/t5/Conten … -p/1300815

Huh, I must be deaf then, having heard more than 25000 tracks on spotify I’ve never noticed a watermark before.

It depends on the quality of your equipment too.
They tend to be more obvious when you listen through headphone.

That shit’s pure evil.

In the next 10 years, da dinosaur paid recordings industry will die a slow death and artists will just start creating straight-to-torrent FLAC albums 8)

I only listen through headphones, 3 types, all high-end.

In which case, I don’t know what to tell you.

I definitely hear it. It’s really quite awful. Luckily I only use spotify for non-classical listening, or this would bother me.

Tidal, because it offers lossless streaming - not going to spend over a thousand on hps/dacs/amps/etc. and listen to compressed music.

I’m noticing it on some Zimerman recs, it’s pretty annoying.
It’s also a matter of principle; I’m paying for this shit.
The record industry are dreamin’, I feel more justified in my blatant piracy.