Where do you buy your music from?

Especially interested in sites that offer mp3 or flac downloads since I don’t have a CD player these days.
So far I’ve basically been limited to itunes (tried amazon but the bastard wouldn’t work so I gave up).
Are there any that specialise in classical music?

I get it on torrents and random collectors.

One dude has every fuckin classical release and a shit ton of bootlegs, just epic stuff.

My favourite site to buy from is eClassical, but their selection is somewhat limited. Often PrestoClassical will have good stuff. If you’re in Europe, Qobuz is pretty great.

Awesome, I’ll check these out. Thanks!

testing Qobuz.
Downloading a 10CD boxset.
I selected flac but it’s given me wma.
Also it doesn’t file them by CD, so they’re all in one folder which I’ll have to organise myself.
The tags aren’t great either.

Pristine Classics also.

Lesbo101 has gud music alzo 8)

I’ve never seen WMA from qobuz. Didn’t even know it was possible. Also, WEB albums usually aren’t separated by into folders for each disc. Usually the discnumber is in the filename and/or tag. And yes, usually re-tagging is required, sadly.

I would send a support email about the wma thing. That’s not right.

I might do that, although I guess it doesn’t really matter.
I did some retagging but it’s just too big a job.
In terms of selection and price Qobuz seems the best.
Presto is a cocktease with heaps of items “not available for download in your country”.

In what way do they need re-tagging? If I have loads to do (I am VERY particular about how things are tagged!), I use the programme Mp3tag. It allows you to use algorithms to change things. Sometimes though, if the general information isnt there, its just the old fashioned way…

I just use PrestoClassical + a proxy to get around certain CDs not being available

For this set the tags were too lengthy and redundant.
I hate seeing repetitive info.

I’m curious, does anyone here use spotify or other streaming services?
If so, how are these for classical music?
I would assume they would have albums from the big three labels (sony, universal, EMI) but seeing as how the majority of what I would be interested in listening to is carried on boutique labels I’m wondering if it’s worthwhile?
I’m more interesting in listening to opera, symphonic and HIP recordings than piano of which I’ve got more than I could ever listen to.

Where do you steal yo muzic from?

da sdc since 2004 8)

Spotify has tons of stuff. Give it a shot.



Anyone know why sometimes purchased downloads include a pdf of the sleeve notes but other times they don’t ?
I’m finding this quite irritating.


Spotify is da shit! Where I’m from pretty much everyone uses it.

I’ll have to look into it.
The french version of everything seems to be sheeyat, for example Netflix.
Hopefully this isn’t the case for spotify.

I buy only physical cds, and only from store who accept payments in cash on delivery.