Which actors would play Pianists in a biopic?

Who’d be ideal?

Both male & female, living and dead

Brando as Richter, because I’ve always associated them as equivalents in their respective fields. I guess John Malkovich looks more like Richter, but I reckon a young Brando for a young Richter.

Eddy Murphy / Beethoven :sunglasses:

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HAHAHAH da fuckin MART :sunglasses:

n tru da BRU correctly point out da RECTUM-MALKO rezemblance

da zepp vil zuggezt:


DEPARDIEU :sunglasses:

Well, Vicky Richter can play Richter himself in da X-rated Rectum-Gav chronicles (produced, starring n directed by da GAV himself wiz a POGO soundtrack)

A ca 1993 Liam Neeson as Cziffra because they look damn similar in Schindler’s list.

A late 70s F. Murray Abraham as Liszt, pozz?

Neeson’s probably too tall for Cziffra.

He (Neeson) does reputedly have a massive cock though…

Gwyneth Paltrow seems a good match for playing da slit. I find neither attractive.

Richard Griffiths would have been perfect for playing da ogdong. As it happens he was played by Alfred Molina.

Richter was pretty good as da pimp imo. I think it’s hysterically funny that when Hollywood cast da pimp they chose a closeted homosexual.

zhorly tha BENECIO del toro az zumone? hiz girth and ztature and phyzicl prezence pozz juz look lyk he iz a maztah of tha 88 :lib:
wit a wig he cud be tha BRO himzelf, or az a ztr8 up 88izt pozz tha ARRAUZAL or tha BEAR

maadz mikkelzon (hannibl or le chiffre from cazino royale) cud pozz act az tha PLATE

tha actrezz who playz dr azumi fujita in tha new netflix zhow “maniac” zmokez enough to pozz play tha :orgy:

Randomly, Mikkelsen has already played Stravinsky. I remember a scene where he’s unleashing on da 88.

Benecio easily Anton Rubinstein maybe??

Da brook shields as Liszt in drag?