Which cumpozaz work fo Zingle-Compozah Rectal Programmez?

In yo opinion, which would work bezt n which wouldn’t work?

And which progz would u pick fo da onez dat wud work?

Chop workz VERY well in an all Chop prog, :pimp: alzo.

Wut about :nigga: ? :rocky: ?

Fo me dey wud work not zo eazily unlezz very cleverly proggd.

An all :nigga: zonz prog wud only work IMO if u haf 1 from each period n vary enough

An all Mozart prog fo me wud be a fuckin nightmare :ho:

All Bach wud take an inzanely creative n wikid penizt to pull off

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All liszt n all chop

All brotha is fine but a bit too much fo da public

All SCRIB can be wikid :sofro:


ahahaha i find da thread inquiry of da CHAIRMOFO a bit wtf in diz caze :comme: :sunglasses:


if u haz not written enuff WIKID M*ZIC to fill 1 fuckin hour

den u iz not much of a cumpozah iz u? :sunglasses:

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Tru but hearing da same stylee fo an hour a bit


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I couldn’t sit through a full :chop: rectal even if da :zif: himzelf wuz playing. I think :pimp: iz much more multi-dimensional.


I’d love to hear an all-Chopin concert by Friedman tho

Even that would be pushing it.

I don’t know whether the immensely tedious adolescent fixation da 88zt poztahz haff with da chop has something to with it, but I’ve gone from being very partial to him (as an adolescent) to finding him one of da mozt ovahrated cumpozahz and I’d happily burn all scores of da fucking firzt ballade. :sunglasses:

I’ve seen all Chopin, all Liszt, all Messiaen, all Schubert, all Beethoven. I don’t think I’ve seen an all Rachmaninoff though. Most enjoyable for me were all Liszt and all Messiaen. All Beethoven can work surprisingly well, all Schubert I think is a bad idea, unless you include a handful of Liszt song transcriptions.

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I agree. Da first ballade is probably one of his best larger scale works with regards to form
4th ballade is much weaker.

I guess it depends on how much you like form. I love Chopin, but I dislike how people play him (especially the sort of playing we hear at the Warsaw comp).


Yes, the athletic, articulated Czerny wannabe Chopin interps

Alternating between soppy whispers n machine-like high speed pristine midi aesthetic massacres



Nice prok toccata she got going there :smiling_imp:

Yes, fair enough, I can’t stand the sort of typewriter operator renditions which are commonplace, when the whole ethos of that period in musical history is one of narrative.


Also the excessive articulation and lack of legato

Chopin’s works are hurt much more by raped perfs den Liszt’s mastahpieces, randomly


Absolutely agree with all of that. Excessive articulation is something I can’t stand.

Haha man zuch profezzah BZ

Diz TM obzezzion wiz form a bit concernin

U myt becummah da next

Jerome Roze :sunglasses:

Dun mattah if u dun hit half da NOTEZ az long az u hilite da ZTRUKCHA :classical_building::classical_building::classical_building:


Scarlatti would be fascinating yet maddening

Tru, n Zatie wud be juz plain zheeyat :sunglasses:

I was scared that Debargue was going to do an all Scarlatti next season, since it just had “Scarlatti” as the placeholder, but thankfully he won’t. He’s my least favourite out of the baroque harpsichord masters (Bach, Scarlatti, Couperin and Rameau).

Nicolas Horvath performed the entire Satie output here last year. I think a free concert as part of “nuit blanche”. I watched a bit of the stream, and maybe Satie wasn’t so bad after all. I think I could tolerate a Satie selection on a programme. Just leave aside Schubert and Brahms for a change.

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