which one of these sonatas has da easiest first mov?

da pathetique, tempest, appassionata, or waldstein?

da answer may be obvious, but i rly havent tried all, and id lyk to learn a broda sonata…so, which one?

if i find it too hard i may as well learn da first sonata, fuck!!!

da pathetique is a bitch…

maybe tempest, there’s some tricky spots in it though.

wiff yo experience, i wudnt do anythin hardah dan da pathetique (the othahz iz hardah) othahwize u vill get dizcouraged.

Az a mattah of fact, i wud recommend no. 1 or no. 9 to ztart wiff

thanx guys

get the Sokolov dvd too, he plays the 9th there too beautifully.

what iz tha dvd called?

Live in Paris: A Film by Bruno Monsaingeon :rectum:


thiz dun zeem to be one of thoze impozzible to get 88 DVDz, pozzibly i vill git thiz fo mah birthday

Haha nah, it’s very easy to find but very expensive :slight_smile:. But it’s definitely worth it.

pathetique, the separated octaves are hard for a lot of people, but the repeated notes in the tempest seem to be harder.

Yo should really be talkin wid yo teacher about dis sheeyat