which penizes to add in my "The Great Pianists" gr

So I am making a “The Great Pianists” group on facebook. The penizes featured with a pic and caption rite now are the following: argerich, hamelin, godowsky, cortot, cziffra, busoni, gould, da rock :rock: , rubinstein, da ho :ho: , and richter…

who else should I put besides Gilels now? I want it a GREAT PIANISTS, as in TRULY great options…no, no Lang Lang!!!

who else should I put there???


awww come on…thats horrible…

annie fischer and ogdong

Da Lugy

what should I write bout them? lol

I wanna put volodos, lugy, zimmerman, but I dont rly know what to say about them to set them apart from the odas…writing about the classic pianists from yonder is so much easier…lol

also, it doesnt help that i havent listened to ALL pianists…

im gonna put William Kapell dere…holy shit how did i forget him???

da Zupah and da :tm:

lmao at da trumofo suggestion…I may do it for cg… :smiley: …his caption will be the link to the britney spears improv…lmao

i keed i keed…come on guys, seriously…

I just put hofmann and kapell dere…

definately i will feel very disgusted if you dont add Zimerman !

that was totally seriouz dooood






-da Meph

i tried putting lhevinne, but i cant find any nice pic for him tho…in fact, he was the first peniz I tried to put there…no good pics tho…