Which pianists would you travel to see?

And which have you travelled for in the past?

I used to have to travel for every pianist when I lived in Australia, but that was more due to living in that culturally deprived wasteland than anything else. For example, I once drove 4 hours to see Kovacevitch play the Beethoven 4th concerto, then immediately drove 4 hours back home. In fact, I always drove home after every concert, meaning I usually arrived home at 3 am. What was I thinking?

Last year I travelled to Lille to see VBM. She doesn’t play anything more than CD launch recitals in Paris and at that time I still rated her as a pianist. These days I don’t, mostly because I don’t think her technique is good enough for her ever to be world class. Although I still think she’s a good musician, and sometimes an excellent one.

Maybe I’ve been spoilt, but I think the only pianist I would travel for these days is da DOC and he’d have to play one of his “classic” programmes (no Mozart or Schubert) in a city no further away than Lyon.

I’ve traveled no further than 15 miles :sunglasses:

Because any further than that and it’d be a huge distance and I’ve never considered it worthwhile.

With respect, it doesn’t surprise me. You English are so insular the next town over has a completely different accent!

Gosh, it would depend on program also - I actually regret I didn’t travel to catch Scherbakov in the Eroica (both of them) last year, despite that I don’t rate him particularly highly. The pianists I’m most curious on at the moment are Noack and Tyson, but I don’t know exactly where I have them yet. I think I’d like to hear more before packing my bags to see them (maybe Tyson actually). Similarly with Bozhanov, who I loved 7 or 8 years ago but who looks to have fallen off the cart alas.

Hamelin for me as well, also Fray (despite that I’ve skipped doing exactly that two times in a row now :nerd_face:), and definitely Pletnev/Zimermam/Volodos. Also Sokolov if he hadn’t kept coming to me.

Indeed maybe Wang and Dacic too, but the former depending on how the rec situation looks elsewise (which is generally pretty good). Lisitsa too if in Liszt.


Speaking of Wang, this kind of thing puts me off her a bit. She’s a talent but it’s a shame she’s this ignorant.

Hey - Prats, Leschenko. They keep turning up.

It seems you’re quite willing to travel CJ! Actually, I think I would travel for some young pianists. Almost did for Noack last year (where he was playing a double recital with VBM), but it would’ve been too expensive. I think I’d travel for Fernanda if she played in France and probably Zlata Chochieva, although I’m hoping she will return soon (and that I’ll still be around to hear it!).

What’s this about? I haven’t visited pf since 2007 and don’t wanna start again now.

What I’m thinking is primarily if either would turn up at the H-borg festival, which I’m used to visit. Travelling abroad pozz only Plet, Zim, Sok, Vol actually. But it very much depends on what is or will be available with recordings too, I’m thinking very strategically with these things. I would never travel simply to attend a concert. I think.

Just Yuja giving her opinion on Alkan being shit.

Travelling abroad, I don’t think I would do that, not just for a concert anyway. I’d have to have some interest in visiting the city/country.

Oh. I don’t think she has enough power for Alkan anyway. Probably she could do Festin but anyhing that requires weighty chords doesn’t play to her strengths

ahahahahah diz a bit wtffffff :sunglasses:

but tru in general, fo LEGEND level peniztz zuch az da YUJA

if dey feel lyk dey can’t abzolutely dominate a zong/compozah, deir firzt inztinctual reaction iz to

DIZZ it inztead :sunglasses:

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tru diz da zame zheeyat wiz da DOC n MEREAUX

da DOC pozz experienced zum zlite nauzea from praxin da VERTIGO ET, zo diz convince him da MEREAUX muz be a zheeyat compozah :sunglasses:

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She’s not my type, but I’ll let you know if it happens :lib: :kan:


For now, I went to see Sokolov, Pogo, Trifonov, Pletnev, Schiff, Argerich…

I would like to hear Zimerman, Perahia or Lupu…

I wonder how much she’s heard? Today probably the important works actually, but my initial reaction to Alkan was exactly the same as hers. It was only when I picked up Ogdon’s concerto rec that it dawned on me that this…!

I can’t see her playing Alkan either however. What would she play well? They seem rather incompatible. Medtner however would probably be a lovely combo. I’d love to see her program more (she’s already done the Reminiscenza).

It’s just infuriating that with her star status she couldn’t do something to raise some awareness for neglected composers.
I think if you’re passionate about music you have a duty to discover new works and bring them to new ears.
It’ll take a mainstream pianist like this to raise their status to have a chance of entering the standard repertoire.