which recording of the mephisto waltz is ur fav?

mahfisto walls 1 of course.

mine: earl wild :the homosexual:

Wild is gay?
Pletnev is freakish.

Richter Live in Moscow 1956-unreleased

Here’s a sample: mediafire.com/?achxwl4gby4

Wild, who is openly gay, [2] lives in Columbus, Ohio with his partner, Michael Rolland Davis.

.ogg? omg… :blush: I thought ogg is a dead format

Ashkenazy live 11-14-1969, Carnegie Hall.

Richter is great, Kapell is great, Ogdon is great, Berman is great, and imo I love Andsnes’. And many more like Wild.


mind uploading the whole thing? :rectum:

I have nothing to say to that. Just imagine me here shaking my head at your ignorance.

Not gonna happen.

You have uploaded live in Warsawa 1954. Is this one really that much better?

Ok never mind then 8)

hahah da chill nicco

tru da mozcow one pretty much pwnz every other rec ov meph in existence

zame goez wif da live wanderer


dat Richter meph


Ignorance? You know no one uses ogg anymore. mp3s are versatile and good enough for lossy encoding. mp3 for lossy, flac for lossless. Keep it simple. :doc:

hhahahaha I predickt a vizit to da GULAG zoonly :doc:

You have gotta be absolutely kidding me. I don’t even know what to say to this kind of bullshit statement.

Consider that MP3 is only the most widely used format because it was the first to gain major acceptance. Ogg is a next generation codec, meaning that at 128kbit/sec it sounds as good as 160 mp3 or even 192 in some cases.

Next, you should be aware of the fact that OGG is open-source and constantly being improved. Plus, Ogg consistently performs better than Mp3 and even AAC. See this classical music listening test for further info:

hydrogenaudio.org/forums/ind … opic=36465

I never posted that. Well, I did… but I screwed up the sound to mess with trumofo.

The Warsaw and Moscow are equally good.

At least that meph waltz from warsawa iz insanely good. Is it from the same recital as the Prok7? If so what is the rest of the program?

The one from Warsaw is from the same year as the prok 7. Not the same concert though.

But I think you’re confused… I think you’re thinking of the Moscow 1958 Mephisto Waltz. The only time I posted the Warsaw 1954 rec, I messed it up so badly that it wasn’t even audible. So there’s no way you could call it a good performance.

i never said that mp3 is better than ogg. i just said that it’s good enough for lossy encoding (and i think the link says the same, stating that mp3 is ‘very good’). :open_mouth:
if you’re anal about fidelity, buy a bigger hard drive and use flac or ape.

Ok, so basically I posted a nice piece of a recording and rather than saying thanks or at least commenting on the recording, you chose to bitch at me about MY preference in audio formats. I’m sure I know ALOT more about audio formats than you’ll ever know and I’ve come to the conclusion that Ogg is right for me based on the fact that Ogg is FREE, High-Quality, FAST, and I like to support the underdog.

Not sure how the hell that’s any of your business though.

(And by the way, That Ogg file is 48kbps VBR. Go ahead and convert a recording to 48kbps MP3 and see how that turns out)