Which SDC Legendz need emoticons?

ah cool, you can highlight what you want to quote and click quote.
I was actually thinking the emojis could go a tad bigger if pozzible, but all the same size.

Also, who’s the azian chick in the banner above :dong:?
And the chick to the left of the wolf chick?
Also, how did wolf chick get into the banner? She’s hardly ever mentioned.

Damn, it’s like we were Amish for 14 years. Although, there’s apparently no way to automatically filter any post that mentions “Lolita”, or “Chinese Schoolgirl”. Suppose we can’t have everything. :tm:

Da tony created the banner, which is why he’s in it too.
Da hoody chick is da poco, other is joyce yang. Irrelevant people, along with Grimaud.

Who’s Poco? Daim, I’m still learning.
Where’s da Tony? I thought the dude with the hat was Doc.

Mate, you need to go back to performing solo. All this accompanying and chamber sheeyat is raping your memory. :dong:

Maybe da Comme should explain da poco, but she was basically hiz 2004 or 2005 equivalent of da TM’s current Chinese schoolgirl. Da Tony is on the right side, next to da comme (just above the D from SDC). Da pimp hat wearing mofo is indeed da Doc. This contribution originated with da Jake (subwoofer).

Well after my sheeyat performance on the weekend, solo is def not on my mind (even though I have a solo recital in few weeks…)
I don’t see anyone next to the dasdc.

Wow, you can even drag and drop pics :pimp:

You didn’t scroll all the way up.

Yeh I did. Might be a desktop thing

Also, Friedman.

And DAMN, please update da TM emoticon! :tm:

How about, use da updated facial from diz: image

So a more bald version?

Must be. It’s visible on mobile.


HAHAHAHAH tru da clazzic TRUMOFO icon iz predicktably

da PLATE fav SDC icon :sunglasses:

Haha tru mo bald n bettah glazzes.

I is an old mofo now.


This one pozz

wow, drag and drop pics. DaSDC lands in the 21st century!

Money Ivo please – face with neckline (beers) at least




Do we have a third? Aye or nay?

Haha man, between Ivo and Volondat, I won’t need to use the :tm: one again. Da :shredder: is already a great :tranny: emoticon.