Which SDC Legendz need emoticons?

Over the next few weeks I’ll make some emoticons to (hopefully) add to the site. Put your requests in this thread and I’ll get to them when I have the time.

K-nar: here’s Gieseking, if you could add it to the site:

It would be extra good if the pic chosen also expresses something. WG here for instance could be used instead of :slightly_smiling_face:.


Pletnev (pozz the pic when the thai police arrests him :laughing:)

…and maybe replace Ziff and Argerich which don’t have much use.

Indeed, pozz Friedman and Rubinstein too. The super celebrities essentially which often turn up in discussions, for maximum usability.

Please make a ridiculous one of Fazil Say’s face.

I’d also like one of YW’s ass for the Hit It forum, and one of Sokolov’s full body in profile for a marching penguin emoticon.

Rachmaninoff’s hands too. Cheers.

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I was thinking of the following mofos:
First, da Pro

Then, da Rav

And also, da Lip

And one peniszt dat frecuntly returnz in dizcuzzions, da Lib2:

XSDC - flagged yo pozt az inappropiate fo blatant dizrezpec to da ZIFF:sunglasses:

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Nono, there should def be a ziff, just not THAT one. It’s a completely bland expression, and hence isn’t used much either. Pozz the most useful ones currently are LL, Lib and da doc.

Hahah da expressive :whale:

Da Zlit. Pozz a young and old one.
Da Lola’s legs.
Any freaky pic of Cortot (pozz his intenze muzing playing kinderszenen)
Da Genie with exaggerated hair.

maybe Gavrilov late 80s early 90s in piano face for rape factor / ghey lib for gheyness and or showbiz attributes possibly / volandat because and only because he looks like a fish

Haha, I’d use a Volondat one a lot. But you’d only understand it if you’ve heard his Liapunovs.

This emoticon will do, though it’s hard to tell here WHAT emotion, exactly

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Hahaha. Some of the most unbelievable (in a bad way) 88 playing I have ever heard!

4112290329 hqdefault-2 hqdefault


Also a Scrib emoji.

I think :doc: :lib: :whale: and :dong: should stay as is. Although it’s true that the :ziff: pic could pozz use an update. Juzt make all of them the same size, I don’t like the :hatto: or :bar: ones because they’re too big. Keep the :comme: as is, no updated pic (although I tend to use the :tm: for many of the same functions).

Ah, perfect mikey! I vote for the mid one, but either of those would surely see use.


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GIFs are easier now