which would you choose?

so, i have a concerto gig next year/season. the orchestra is featuring unknown/extreme concerti (believe it or not, radu lupu is playing BALAKIREV concerto…at least according to the schedule they showed me). here are my choices:

arensky concerto
josef marx castelli romani
tchaik 2

arensky is in february and marx is in may, and i have a ton of stuff before then, so those are probably a no go.

i’ve always wanted to play tchaik 2, but it’s a fucking beast and it would be my summer project for 8 hours a day, every day. that concert is in sept.

scriabin is doable, but i don’t really dig the piece. also in sept.

i’m leaning towards tchaik. this is pretty much my only chance in life to play it with a good orchestra. of the choices, it’s also the best piece (IMO).


i’m personally a big fan of both the scriabin and tchaik 2. moreso the scriabin, which has been high on my personal to-do list. i’d do the tchaik, though, simply because the opportunity is there. don’t do the siloti version with all of the cuts, though, please! gotta take advantage of doing that trio in the second movement, among other things.

kind of a shame you most likely can’t do the marx, though. that piece is NEVER played and is pretty cool.

I vote Tchaik 2.

Def Tchaik 2 over Scriabin unless you’re octaves aren’t up to par 8)

i love the scriabin concerto, but you should just pick what you like best!

the Scrib is one of my fav concertos and on my todo list, so +1 for scriabin from me. but if you don’t dig the piece then I dno. If the orchestra is good than scriabin is just DAMN good music

Tchaik 2 doesn’t seem to be quite as inspired.

Scriabin, although I find it a mediocre piece for Scriabin…

Good luck with whatever u choose Brendan! And pozt the rec for us if possible 8)


Arensky; if not, Tchaikovsky 2.