Which would you rather attend? (hypothetical Poll)

A full recital, either of these options :grinning::sunglasses:
Which would you rather attend?

  • A pianist you LOVE playing pieces you HATE
  • A pianist you HATE playing pieces you LOVE

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Top option. They might just convert me.
The bottom option would annoy the shit out of me.

This one was easy!

Same reason as festin. I attended a Kissin recital once where he butchered some of my favourite Liszt pieces in front of 1700 people. I did NOT enjoy it, and he made Liszt sound like a bad composer. I wanted to strangle him half way through. Conversely it has happened lots of times that a good pianist converts me with a work I thought I didn’t like.

I’ve attended many recitals which roughly fit into the former category (hate is a strong word, also there’s often something on the programme I like). I can’t think of any occasion where I’ve witnessed the latter.

Haha which Liszt piece?

It was his 2011 tour. I hated all of it, but my favourite piece from it is probably Venezia e Napoli.

I heard that programme as well, but it didn’t leave me with such a negative impression. In fact, it barely made an impression at all. I was much more excited about meeting Ashkenazy during the entracte.

I think he… possibly… played it better later in the year. My recital was during the spring, and I remember listening of Jeff’s rec here from the autumn which I didn’t find so appalling either.

Alex posted the recital I attended a while back and I remember being struck by the ugly sound. It’s definitely something I’m aware of now, but I honestly didn’t notice it then. It might’ve been because I didn’t attend nearly as many concerts back then. For Kissin I even took time off work to attend (because ordinarily I couldn’t make the trip to Sydney during the week). I’d definitely not travel to attend his concerts now!

Yes, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to my recording but what I remember from it is that I thought it was incredibly ugly - sound and interpretations alike. If it had been Haydn or someone I could have lived with it, but I’m sensitive with Liszt.

I wish he had visited the following season instead, at which time I think he played much better.

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Zupah zlow versheeyat: playing time 3 hours!

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