who are your favourite lieder singers?

Just looking for some recommendations, besides Fischer-Dieskau. Male and female.

the greatest who has ever lived is Fritz Wunderlich. no competition. we’re talking about the voice of the century. besides him I also like ian bostridge, (especially in wolf), lucia popp, (especially in strauss) etc…

For extremely soulful Schubert singing, I love Leo Slezak and Gerard Souzay. Bostridge is great but not so much on any of his EMI recordings. I love Lotte Lehmann in just about anything. Wolfgang Holzmair can be great in some repertoire, though too careful in other repertoire. Werner Gura is much praised, as is Wunderlich. Leo Slezak’s recording of Schubert “Nacht und Traume” is one of the most beautiful recordings of anything I have ever heard.


bostridge is actually fantastic, i saw him live in HK, very versatile style

cool, I’ll check these out thanks

Wunderlich was absolutely the most beautiful tenor voice, but he hadn’t developed completely artistically before his death - Gerhard Husch, back 2 generations was marvelous, also a lovely voice and technique. Hotter is great in Winterreise, Souzay in his early years, Lotte Lehmann, Peter schreier, etc, etc. It’s a very rich field for quality singing.


Here’s his Schumann Dichterliebe:

thanks a lot

I listened to Wunderlich’s schumann but I think i’ll need a few more listens as I’m unfamiliar with the music. However I also listened to his Die Schone Mullerin which made a big impression on me, just beautiful singing. I’m having a little trouble finding lieder from the others mentioned (except for hotter’s winterreise) but I’ll get to them eventually. Once again thanks for the suggestions everyone!