Who can persuade me about PIMP?

I dun like PIMP

he shows off to much an i don’t see much musical value in his music. Why is PIMP so great?

fuck ofrff

'scuse me, but if I don’t like a composer, there aint much I can do about it.

I only want to know why so many people think he’s so great?

I aint no fuckin troll! :angry:

Fuck you!!!

Not all of d pIMP`S music is foh show of. Most of his early pieces ah but not da latter or doze from aftah da wiemar period.

Good liszt piecez:
Transcendental etudes.
Annees de pelerinage three years they ah all extremely wicked.
Concert etudes.
Mephisto waltzes.
Ballade no2
Harmonies poetique et religieuse.
nuages gris
etc etc there are hundreds of them.

also many of Liszt`s show off pieces ah wicked to.

People who sais that Liszt is a show-of are only stupid people who just dunn know enough. I advize u to read alan walkahs 3 part bio on Liszt. in da mintime fuck of!

-da Meph

i iz a bout to pozt tha following rare pimp recz when usendit getz that sand out of itz vagina n finizhes uploading.


Aux Cypres de la Villa d’Este
Ballade no. 2
En Reve
HAMLET (arrgt. Nyiregyhazi)
Hung Rappah 3
Legende no. 1
Legende no. 2
March of the 3 Kings (wtf?, tiz epic)
Mosoniy’s Funeral March


random annes 2nd year itlay sheeyat
Valse oubliee from 1960
Sonata in bminmor
Liszt - Schubert - Aufenthalt (Sofronitsky 1960 Moscow Conservatory)


Hexameron Variaitinos


radnomly, 2 transcriptions from ZART’s requiem
-confutactis maledictis

otha than the LEZBO sheeyat, i iz pretty sho that theze is rare recz. Howevah da JEFF can pozzibly confirm how reliatively rare they ar.

tru 8)



ok, well thanx for your warm welcome… :blush:


I still maintain I can’t help it if i don’t like a composer. But I will definately try and listen to some of those pieces which I don’t already know.

And stop telling me to FUCK ORFF!!!

lookz like they all hate u CVA 8)


never mind

they’ll love me sooner or later, happens to everyone

HAHA Tru :stuck_out_tongue:
I wonder were iz da Madame 8)

in yo fanny

well, Liszt sonata is one of the most innovative composition ever. Based on the basic 4 themes that introduced, Liszt has used not only the composition technique since the time of Bach but also infuse with his own composing skill. The fugue section is definately the most genius work ever. Because Liszt has used almost all the technique of fugue by Bach and extended with his own insight and theory of harmony, and from that the piece was brought to the climax, with the silent return, portraiting the ‘music of silence’ in the very end.

This is a masterpiece from head to tail.

Doesn’t matter if one like Liszt or not, Liszt Klaviersonata was and will be hailed as the best piano composition ever.

II will find a recording


I can give u one


Please do


The output of all piano composers contains some crap. Schubert the least, and Liszt probably the most, imho.

However, the Liszt pieces that da Meph listed (plus camp, and funerailles etc.) are truly excellent works that are foundations of the rep.

I think it’s untru to say that the Liszt sonata is the best piano piece ever. I think the following pieces are tied for best large-scale works:


Liszt Sonata
Schube Wanderer Fant
Bach Goldberg Vars
Alkan Symph Solo Piano mvt 1
Schume Fantasy mvt 3
Chop Ballade 4, son 3


edit: pleaze

sorry; pleaze :confused:

I think you speak a lot of sense; those pieces you said are wicked

but all of liszt’s stuff I’ve heard, nothing really strikes me in the same way as any of this. Maybe it’s just cos I haven’t heard it.

I dunno. I’ll have to listen to more, esp dis sonata