who eez da best suite bergamasque?

sup, i already know da shiznit arrangement of da guitar duo gregoryan, but wat eez da best piano version?

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My favourite recordings of the Suite Bergamasque are: Richter, Kapell, Bavouzet, Fleisher, Early Gieseking and Firkusny.

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and on topic, kapell.

my avatar is a picture of my gimp left hand, which probably has more skill than both of yours.

hahaha my friend iz also missing a chunk of that finger, he isn’t a musician tho, don’t know how that works , but I guess you adapted to it, but can u put a lot of weight/pressure on it without it hurting a bit? juz curiouz :dong:

I usually baby that finger when i play, though i do use it without it hurting. Except when i slam it into the front of the key cover… That hurts likd hell. Its next to impossible to get vibrato on a cello with it though.

Da best :dong:

Fiorentino, Kapell, Richter, Gieseking on VAI.

Kapell is my best bergamasque.