who is this pseudomofo?

does he hint at sdc lingo?

pianostreet.com/smf/index.ph … cseen.html



was my first inclination, but trumofo could actually play an improv

though it would take a certain level of skill just to put together the midi…

and the name “tehpro” sounds like trumofo


haha I didn’t even lizten 8)

it’s unrealistically furious

tiz da shredda u bith 8)

:zhreddah: :zhreddah: :zhreddah:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TRU DIZ REC!!! :whale: :whale: :whale:


Newfag 8)

8) :zhreddah: :zhreddah:


winnah of da cg ozkah diz yr 8)

haha tru invite diz legend :zhreddah:

umm :smiley:

. . .

Da pseudomofo did it again, this time he prolly ripped some random sheeyat of some pro recording.

Anywai, the improv seems to be quite :stop: :stop: :stop:

ahhhhhh da shreddah
Tha random lamb song ftw!!!1

pianostreet.com/smf/index.ph … 788.0.html

tehpro aint da zhreddah. da pseudo iz da zhreddah. da zhreddah iz da zhreddah. da canadian iz da antizhreddah

fauzt: hahahaha sheeyat. a bit sl*w, dun u think? :dong: