who wantz a TICKET?

datz rite…i harzhly cant go to NYC today cuz of a important work sheeyat

but i already bought my ticket fo tha :doc: zhow so if sum mofo in NYC dun have a ticket yet, juz pm moi yo name or something n i vil call tha box office n juz tell them who to leave it fo

hurry up mofoz!!

send it to me by fedex espress

to zurich 8)

da bin laden will be delighted.


it was a good show.

happy birthday to da volodya, shame you had to work :ho:


wut da FUCK iz mo important den vitnizzin da DOC live?! 8)

iz u jack bauer o zumsheeyat? :gav:

u are full of sheeyat, comme.

I would have quit my wedding if I could see da fuckin :doc: play.

:dong: da oppozite iz alzo tru

da sheeyat iz full of comme?

rezpec brew, thanx 8)

HAHAHHA FUCKIN PWNZ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
:whale: :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale:

hahahahahahahaha dayum :dong: :comme: :dong:

sometimes…depends whether da bitch prepared herself before or not…

HAHAHAH pwned indeed :laughing:

zo did neone git thiz ticket?