whoz da greatest prodigious penis?

what Demons haff made da fastest recs at da youngest age?

hahahahaha, pozzibly sum of da GENIEz recz, hiz tech wuz actually pretty much fully formed by hiz mid teenz

hmm, i dun know dis nick, exemplify

nm, i found it, but what SD recs did he make?

da MTz gasfart at age 14



n of cuz, da SHAGAz variouz recz including da legendary mm4 -a record at 14 yearz of age 8)

haha, RESPEC

i wonder what da hoffman’s 9 year old sheeyat sounded like

hes da guy he wuz playin so much dat da child abuse center had to pay hiz parents to make him stop

wut a legend :comme:

hahahahaa DAYUM

da Pollen’s Chopin etude recordings at age of 14 live.

hahahaha FUCK, YEZ!!

well dat is true but could he rip da solfieggodgtgo like Biret back in those days? solfeigiegigghetto > etudes in difficulty

btw is dis da first thread without da comme?

da comme iz da sheeyat 8)



da sogo learnt da tchaik first in a week before da age of 13.
da salmon played da same sheeyat at 8 8)

Comme 8)

hahahahaha, diz iz tru



mazz debatazble 8)