whut TV zheeyatz iz u watchin?

randomly i’m watching a lot fresh prince of bel-air… still a very good show even after all those yearz, wardrobe choices excluded 8) .

Notable episode where uncle phil goes to the pool hall…

" Jeffrey, break out Lucille" hahah so good

Mastah Chef Australia :blush:

hahahaha rezpec da honezty 8)

haha even I don’t watch that, and I live here. :dong:

juz ztartd watchin ‘tha newzroom’

pretty gud i recommend :gav:

is that the show with Jack McCoy in it? I was devo when L&O got cancelled. :cry:

hahahahahaha not zho i actually only watchd tha pilot and gave up :doc:

but googlin tru tha jacko u zpeak of iz in it 8)

watchin homeland zeazon 1 finale ryt now

a few peopl haff zaid tiz inzane gud but zo far it’z juz gud :gav:

Season 2 of Alphas has been really quite awesome.

The Wire (best show ever)
Breaking Bad
Community (on season 3)
Mad Men

tru i iz watchin da begininng season 3 of mad men thizafternoon fo noztalgic reasonz

alzo really starting to get into boardwalk empire…it ages fine like tha wire n keep getting better and better.

tru boardwalk emp iz inzane

whut zeazon iz u on?

I like me some Buscemi, should start watching da boardwalk empire.

Can you mofos explain to me the appeal of Mad Men? I tried watching it (tru just the pilot) but found it so misogynist I couldn’t keep watching. I feel like I must’ve gotten the wrong impression since so many women seem to like it?

Not a big fan either. I respect the work that goes into capturing the time period, but I think most of the characters are assholes and there’s not really enough story to go around.

completely agreed with both. the only people i know that like it are women. i’ve watched a few episodes, and it just seems to tried too hard to capture the period, but not hard enough to actually make something happen.

Pretty much just Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad, GoT now.

Actually wanna get into Downton Abbey, anyone watched?

Great acting, great writing, character development, etc. Just the usual stuff that makes up a great series. Plus I enjoy seeing the clothes and the honest representation of what that era must have been like, seeing as it was before my time to have experienced what it was like in person.

seazon 3. it getz better az some of tha more legendary mafioso mofo have bigger roles such as capone, siegel, donzetti etc.

n alzo how young al capone iz tha moral compass of the mid 20’s gangztah world

hmm, maybe I’ll try again in a month when summer holidays roll by.