whut TV zheeyatz iz u watchin?

alwayz zunny in philadelphia

hahahha TRU bazically tha bezt zheeyat

whut iz u watching? :lib:

tru i propoze thiz iz tha thread fo dizcuzuzzin wikid n not zo wikid zheeyatz on TV :lib: :lib: :doc: :doc: :comme:

alwayz zunny
game of throne
breaking bad
parks and recreation
Louie by Louis CK on FX
Modern Family

i hook mah tv up to youtubes and watch :orgy: vidz


I really don’t like always sunny.

My shows are Community and Jersey Shore (lulz)

and then there are the old sheeyats that I still watch:
simpsons, futurama, law & order

eastbound &down n boardwalk empire…i don’t actually have tv tho so tiz juz what i think to stream off tha internetz

i like saved by tha bell too :stop:

Parks and REcreation tru

daim da breakin bad laz ep :whale:


I watched Game of Thrones for the first time a couple of nights ago.
Tru, I approve will dload diz sheeyat.

tru make a emote ofdiz legendary face at da end

Right now…

How I met your mother
White Collar
Big Bang Theory

mad men
american horror story :dong:
the wire :kan:
twin peaks :stop:

the wire is fucking crazy

fucking crazy good


Tru. Def breaking bad!

I iz going Pom and sticking with da Qi, Would I Lie to you and Not Going Out coz Lee Mack is a f’ing hilarious bastard!

haha you and Paul can get together and talk all proper like in your toffy accents :laughing:
QI is a great show though, love Stephen Fry.

I’m proud of the fact that after 5 years in the UK, I don’t have an accent!
Have you seen Would I lie to you yet? They’ve just started it on ABC.
And which one’s Paul? :smiley:

nice work, you’re still one of us!
No I haven’t, I’ll download an ep and see what it’s like.
Paul’s e60m5 on here.