Why Libetta is better than you

So I was noticing the other day. So far this year Libetta has played 15 different full length solo recital programs. These include but are not limited to the complete music of Frederic Chopin and the complete Chopin Godowsky Etudes. There is 3 months left in the year lets push him for a complete Opus Clavicembalisticum in time for Christmas…

What have you done this year?

P. S. He also did it while looking great.

Someone post some Recs… !

HAHahaha tru not much news bout :lib: :lib: :lib:

I wud love to hear what he’s up to also 8)

duz u mofoz know that da LIB iz a proud membah of da SDC? :lib:

ahahahah TRU tha ztrongezt SDC recruit of all tym :lib:

altho tha :gav: cud ztill pozzibly join if we convince him on tha bluewin forumz 8)

Libetta really a member? Tell him to put his CDs where I can buy them!! Also congrats on the Marston Chopin set inclusion…

thought he iz doin da ‘recording on requezt’ thing now

wiv da Brazilian vengaenz

:lib: :lib: :lib:

Wow! zamunda please more!! Haven’t heard this pianist in good sound very often!