Wilco - Sky Blue Sky

tru. More straightforward n less experimental than da Yankee. Not as great too (imo) but still a good album. It’s their latest, came out last May.
btw dis is pretty smooth n mellow stuff, so da comme might want to avoid 8)
n track 3 pozz mah fave on dis

trackliszt :

  1. Either Way
  2. You Are My Face
  3. Impossible Germany
  4. Sky Blue Sky
  5. Side with the Seeds
  6. Shake It Off
  7. Please Be Patient with Me
  8. Hate It Here
  9. Leave Me (Like You Found Me)
  10. Walken
  11. What Light
  12. On and On and On


n again respec da chriz foh da ftp sharin’ :rectum: