Will da 2020/2021 have mo RECZ den any otha year?

Lezz tourin, more tym to learn rep n record

Vil diz hav a pozitive impact in diz regard?


If people had limitless cash, yes, as they don’t, no.

Arts scene cumpletely fucked, ensembles especially, soloists might survive.


DAIM I wuz tryin to c a pozitive in all diz mezz :heavy_plus_sign:

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All niche things which can’t stand alone will be culled and not all will come back.

If you want a small plus, artists can expect a few extra $ due to increased streaming revenue.

Probably a good time to be a drug dealer, assuming external supply hasn’t been disrupted :stuck_out_tongue:

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Da zkype 88 lezzonz will zkyrocket…


Tru. :zcholah:

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:zcholah: :grin:

I’d rather catch it than lessons off him.


But it was honest of him to admit it:
:zcholah:: “I’m really a low-tech person, not high-tech at all” :wim:

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Good time to strip on webcam :lola:

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