Works that your favorite pianists played badly

List works that your favorite pianists played, but they played it so badly that you wish they had not played it.

Here are some that come to my mind:

op. 111
Scriabin #4

Beethoven Conc#4

Rach Son #2

Michelangeli didn’t play Beethoven 4, afaik.

[EDIT: I’m Wrong. I shall sit in the corner and feel shame ]

hahah n i didnt know gould played zcrib 4 eithah??

Oops, I should really say “no” to the bong next time.

I meant Beethoven Conc#5 and Scrib #3 of course. At leazt the sum of the numbers was right :laughing:

hamelin - rach 3, scharwenka 1

gotta think of others

Gould’s Scriabin 3 is actually really good. Horowitz played Rach son 2 amazingly, imo.

-Mendelssohn - Songs without Words (probably the worst recording of the works ever)
-Some of the Mozart Sonatas are famously awful
-Brandenburg 5 (the rare piano recording)
-Harpsichord recordings
-Lots moer

-Schubert Impromptu A Flat
-Chopin Ballade 3 (sloppy)

-All his Scriabin

-Chopin 10/4
-Both Brahms Concerti (terrible)
-Too much to list

-Goldberg Variations


-French Suite 5 (BORING)

-Feux Follets

-Pictures at an Exhibition

-Lots of Chopin, Liszt, Bach

haha :ho: tosc iz actually my favorite Brahms 2 by far


Not to your specific taste, maybe… but AWFUL???

Give me ONE example for each (and don’t cop out by naming stuff from his LATE period, we all know his playing was on the decline).

You are a strange, miserable, freaky scary little man…
That is one of the most exciting recordings of Bach I’ve ever heard. NOBODY plays the 5 movement as quickly or as cleanly. And the rest is just as good.

You high or sth?

Did your mum smoked some cheap crack mixed with washing powder when she was pregnant with you?

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

or moh likely, fell down sum stairz?

i think he did play it w/ Calibidache.

no, not likely

[Edit, tru, Michelangeli did play it. But its on some rare italian label.]

Tru, I don’t like diz rec. And I don’t like his cuts.

I wish Berezovsky would record it. His Son#1 is my absolute favorite.

well actually, I think Horowitz did put out one particularly bad Rach2nd snoata recording, it’s on Sony i think (i gotta verify)
But the one from Boston Symphony Hall is phenonmenal (besides the non-commercially available Toronto performance)

Anyway, i really hope you are just talking about the bad recording of the rach2nd son he put out (along with the one in London)

I think his rach 3 is good.

-da Meph

Which one? The Tokyo one or the other one?

Cuz the tokyo is terribly boring.

The Tokyo one, I had expected it to be boring, but it wasn’t imo.

-da Meph