Would a 'Greatezt Piano Workz Of All Time' Themed Recital be wikid or zheeyat?

Cunzidah diz recital -

Beethoven op111
Schubert D.960
Chopin Ballade 4
Liszt Sonata in B minor
Scriabin Sonata 5
Ravel Gaspard de la Nuit

A recital lyk diz wud be…

  • Wikid
  • Zheeyat

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I can barely make myself listen to da pimpzon at the best of times. Great piece of art and creative attainment, but I legit won’t be bothered if I don’t hear it again.

I can’t understate how much I’d rather listen to da Ziff impro for an hour than hear “masterworks”.


Tru i iz da zame but actually havin given it a break fo a while, I iz refindin my love fo deze familiar workz

da recent Grozvenor rec wuz worth checkin out

I rezpek da pimpzon. I LOVE da normafant. A cumpletely different relationsheeyat.

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Hahahaha it wud work, but da whole rectal wud look lyk diz:

Joe Hizaizhi - zummah
Shi Jin - melody of da nite #5
Yiruma - Rivah flowah in u

n den a 2 hour encore of random zepp impro :sunglasses:


River flows fit any occasion.

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ANY occasion :sunglasses:

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It’s true! Birthdays, weddings, informal gatherings, concerts, pedophile trans sex orgies, or just chilling out on your own…

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Hmm I wonder if fiver flows could be badinaged with this

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Oh fuck not that, an ex gf of mine got me to write it out by ear


Follow-on Q: is there a peniz you’d actually be prepared to listen to play this programme (i mean - who has these pieces in their recorded or concert rep?)

I’m ztruggling:

:rectum: - Schubert 960 doesn’t really work for me, but otherwise closest
da CUDA - didn’t rec ZKRIB 5 or GASFART
da :ho: - didn’t do 111 and if he did I don’t think I’m interested


Looks like a viable programme for da ZNAILBAIT :sunglasses:

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Damn, and there was me betting da farm dat FEZTIN would say :lola:

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inztantly tru :sunglasses:


Mysteriously wikid.

The transcription has transcended the source material surely!

tru az profound az da PIMPZON endin clearly :sunglasses:


hahaha da bezt verzion :



Pozz too saturated for a modern rectal? Mofos night legit die out of boredom

So why not replace da Scrib 5 wiz da Scrib 6 and

Help dem along :dong:

Beethoven Sonata no. 33
Chopin Ballade no. 5
Liszt Sonata no. 2
Rachmaninoff Sonata no. 3
Scriabin Sonata no. 11