WOW - new Richter DVD!!!

I guess that Chris probably has this, but for all others: … de=3085208


Tru, I guess I should probably post it.

It’s from 1988. The Mozart is fantastic but the Chopin is only ok.

Richter was VERY pissed off during the chopin etudes because the stage techs turned the lights on during etude 10-1 without his consent.

I wonder if those bonuses are VIDEOS or not? If they’re audio, then no big deal, but if they’re video, then I’m definitely buying the DVD.

Sadly, its not readily available in Asia? Those sad fucks always neglect the Asian market. Even the DVD of Richter + Oistrakh Alice Tully Hall chamber recital can’t be shipped here.

Kudos to Chris for sharing that DVD in the past. Have to make an overseas trip in future and purchase ‘contraband’ scores and such recordings.

Well don’t pay for this DVD. It’s really nothing special. Late Richter on an ‘off’ day. Though like I said, the Mozart is fantabulous.