wtf da MADAME wuz banned?

wut for? :frowning:

wth are you talking about? that time 2 or more years ago when virt spammed the forum using dat username. the cf madame wuz nevah active on diz forum afaik.

da CF MADAME registered TODAY n pozted lyk 6 or 8 postz, n now all da poztz r gone


haha da iron fist of da candain stealth banned da madame i guess. da madame isnt really that cg anymore anyways.

he was never CG to begin with, I liked him better when he wasn’t being a prick to everyone.

way back in the day da madame had some cg. now its gone.

but da MADAME remainz a pretty cool mofo. Da ban wuz a bit uncalled foh.

Well I have no idea what you’re talking about, so it obviously wasn’t me.

Either way, this person sounds ghey so I wish I had been the one who banned him.

hahaha da harzh judgment

haha da mart must remember da madame quite well.

randomly, chris, can you do stealth bans?

I don’t know what that is.

stealth bans are when the person is banned and all their posts are gone. like what happened to da madame.

tru a ban wuz too much honor fo da madame
he wuz erazed :rectum:

hahaha wtf, wut did da MADAME do to u?


he wuz born 8)

haha da mart :dong:


Hahaha DAMN, respect the mart


da moz random inzane mofo evah

pozzily da cf equivelant ov da random ‘rectum’ mofo