Wut iz yo fav piece in each key? All 24 keyz

Only allowed to pick 1 piece per key, and muzt be a zolo 88 work

Mine -

C major - Waldztein
A minor - Alkan Commelevent
G major - Medtner lazt zon
E minor - Medtner Nightfart
D major - Bach WTC prel+fug book 2
B minor - Godowzky pazzacaglia
A major - Mendy zongwizoutwordz
F# minor - KANcerto finale
E major - Pimp petrarchzonnet
C# minor - Moonrape finale (or chop prel op45)
B major - Chop Noct op62
G# minor - KANcerto 1zt mvt
F# major - Zcribzon 4
D#/Eb minor - Cheat 3 way tie - Kanzymphinale Rocket 39/5 zcrib 8/12
Db major - Chop berceuze
Bb minor - Rockzon2
Ab major - heroic polo
F minor - :nigga: azzpazzion
Eb major - :nigga: :pimp: eroica tranz :sunglasses:
C minor - KAN zymph 1zt mvt
Bb major - Hamkleavage or Zchub d960 - fo da doc :doc:
G minor - Medtner zon or Zaint zaenz danze macabre
F major - randomly :nigga: op 34 varz
D minor - Chop prel 24 (or pimp tot)

If it iz a really tough key, u may cheat in a couple placez by puttin a few honourable mentionz lyk i zaid

Yo turn :rectum:

When you have too much time on your hands :yum:

I’m probably with you on C major and challenge your A-flat with S.192#2

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Actually I raped myzelf wiz 2 obviouz zheeyatz

Ma TRU FAV F minah iz da TE10 n tru fav Db maj iz da TE 11

I vil edit deze pozzibly :sunglasses:

I’ll come back to this later when I have more time, and meanwhile cheat by saying the middle sect of :pimp: Norma is my favourite thing ever in B maj.

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Zum keyz were very hard to pick becuz I wuz zhort on optionz

G maj, D maj, A maj were pretty tough.

A major pozzibly da toughezt key off da top ov ma head :lib:

Edit - tru da zhubert zonata but dat iznt an all tym fav piece

Editedit - tru da PRICK ZON6 probably ma pick

So much more soothing than Chopin’s galloping horses

E maj iz ruled by da :pimp:


He haf da bezt moizt E maj work in da zonnet zheeyat n da bezt gensui polo

Ma fav zong to play in each key iz da jawz theme :sunglasses:


Haha da Feztin already covahd diz in hiz NORMA midzect pick :sunglasses:

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