Wut wud imprezz u mo?

  • a beautiful and profoundly moving interpretation ov Beethoven’z op110&op111 :nigga:
  • a LEGIT 45 zec Chop 10/2 :chop:

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Op 111 requires sum fire-breathing tech n creative fingering solutions, not Beethoven’s fault that people generally PUSSY through da first movement of this.

An average performance of da Op 10/2 will be far better played den da Op 111.


I maintain that the KEMPFF rec of this is absolutely not how this should be approached

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A legit 111 perf, not the slow profound fingerless nonsense dat people play.

haha mannn da rezultz ov diz poll :sunglasses:

u mofoz do realize dat to play a LEGIT 45 zec 10/2 u wud haf to hav da greatezt tech in hiztory by a mile :pimp:

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With likely very sheeyat octs


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