Wut wud imprezz u mo?

  • a beautiful and profoundly moving interpretation ov Beethoven’z op110&op111 :nigga:
  • a LEGIT 45 zec Chop 10/2 :chop:

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Op 111 requires sum fire-breathing tech n creative fingering solutions, not Beethoven’s fault that people generally PUSSY through da first movement of this.

An average performance of da Op 10/2 will be far better played den da Op 111.


I maintain that the KEMPFF rec of this is absolutely not how this should be approached

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A legit 111 perf, not the slow profound fingerless nonsense dat people play.

haha mannn da rezultz ov diz poll :sunglasses:

u mofoz do realize dat to play a LEGIT 45 zec 10/2 u wud haf to hav da greatezt tech in hiztory by a mile :pimp:

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With likely very sheeyat octs


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ic :sunglasses:

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Like seriously.

Most of the Op 111 “experts” need to be fucked publicly on stage so they at least know from experience what rape is like.

Not that it will help them approach Da Op 111 from a new perspective. Da Op 111 truly is a “Lisztian” mofo and needs to be treated as such.

This “profound and moving” is BS invented by mofos with no tech or imagination. Their perfect are neither profound nor moving, unlike deir sub-MAXIM facials.

And yes, these levels of fury courtesy of staying online with da :hui: all day. :-1:

ok a kilometre :kan:

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hahaha da zepp iz eazy goin

I’ll take 5 yardz :sunglasses:


tru to maztah da tech @50 u haff to forget u haff 5 fingahz n think u have one fin inztead :fish: :sunglasses:


Ahahahah da zepp cud alwayz juz go bar by bar :lezbo: :sunglasses:


ahaha da zlow motion tutorial :sunglasses:


Hahaha diz pristine 88

At this point, unleashing either one of those works has just stopped being impressive, because mofos will be like “I prefer dat played by X, oh you can’t play Beethoven like that, oh that was not right, too harsh, too fast, not in style etc etc :fu:

Like,Stfu, if you know everything how about you play it yourself, or go finger your own asshole in SILENCE