wuts a gud whey to learn da fugues????

da first fugue I am learning, da WTC book 1, second fugue for da second prelude, since I learned da prelude, is giving moi a bit of trouble…tru

its so awkward…there’s a lot going on in both hands, and it kind of slows me down, I dont know, its just awkward I guess to practice and play…whey harder than the redandant (sp?) chopin left hand accompaniament as in da waltzes, nocts, whatvah…

wuts a good whey to go about elarning da fugues???

well, the easiest way (IMO) is to memorize first

and to memorize how it sounds to begin with

This means listen to recordings, and follow it, pointing out the different voices so you know which ones should stand out where, etc etc

know the fugue subject especially.

To memorize, do hands separately, 1-5 measures at a time (Depending on how good of a memorizer you are, i’ve been memorizing Bach for a while, so I do more measures at a time). Then put the hands together when you have them memorized separately, put them together.

You can also just do voices separately instead (this will be more clear as to what is going on musically), but if you do hands separately, just keep in mind which voices are where at all times.

When I learn Bach, I love to over emphasize finger action, and even when sped up, go for ultimate clarity.

Make sure that your playing each note with a separate attack.

This will help it when you speed it up and want it to be together.

that was my first fugue too. i remember it taking a long time to get comfortable. but you will find that sometime soon, if you play it every day, it will “click” and it will be addictively fun to play.

it’s hard to find “passages” to practice, because it all flows so continuously. but look carefully for passages and practice them the way you would any other.

it’s interesting to try to look at bach the way you might look at liszt, or vice versa. you’ll see new things.

get this sonofabitch learned and then learn another. i guarantee they get easier and easier, and you’ll find out the formula for learning them, because it is a bit different than learning other pieces.

good luck, and post it when it’s done.

The key to playing Bach well is to be able to recognize the different voices and listen in at one at a time.

Listen to several recs, follow your music, trust me, i know it sounds like a waste of time, but the benefits are limitless. Do it when you are eating breakfast, or on break.

Voicing decides about 95 percent of how good an interpreter is at Bach.


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each perzona needz an individual way of ztudying tha fugue , but definately ztarting wif knowin each voice alone and measure by measure … and ZLOWLY … tiz da only way for gud fugue in da futah

fuges help you later on, in chopin for instance.

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you’d be surprised how many people don’t know that.

i haff a question…in book 1, would you say that the no 10 E min fugue is the easiest, since it’s the only 2 voice fugue in the book? im doing the Emin P&F right now, primarily because i just think it kicks ass, but also because the 2 pt quality would be a good entry level into da WTC

so far it’s not very hard, but i thought maybe some of the other fugues might be easier for otha reasons, since you generally take da Emin fugue pretty fast