Wuz da Michelangeli'z 'perfect tech' reputation juz due to hiz inzanely zmall rep?


hahaha 2:40

  • tru hiz tech wuz gud but he wuz zo ‘perfect’ becuz ov hiz zmall rep :orgy:…otha peniztz cud achieve zuch perfection if dey limited deir rep lyk dat
  • haha no… he wuz a perfectionizt tru but if otha peniztz tried to zhrink deir rep to hiz zize dey wud ztill neva cummah cloze to hiz inzane perfection
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He had a far bigger rep den given credit for, apparently.

I fink iz quit norml fo a lot ov peniztz 2 have a huge rep in private n only play what dey feel dey got 100% in pubic

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Or to claim dey got a massive private rep


“But my high artistic level only lets moi present my very best rep to my audience. And yes, same rep every year. My name is a brand. You buy the brand and sleep thru da rectal. I can sell condoms to NUNS and legal Porn to priests”

ZO dey claim, zo othaz claim about dem. In da Machine caze both hiz wyf n zum frens haff claimed dat aobut him. I’ve herd zimialr stuff about da Zim n da Vol (da VOl apparently even playeth chopin ztuff lyk etudes n ztuff in privat)

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Tiz gensui.

I still think dat playing a smaller amount of rep in an individual, polished manner, is preferable to repeatedly raping complete cycles like da Barren, Lezbo n Co

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I agree, wen u in fa rectal it shood be your very bezt. Dat zed, plx to show off - unofficially - da otha ztuff u can do azz well, lyk plx Vol da a home vid showin zum chop plx.

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Hmmmm pozz

Den again, dere is da Hofmann rep in one season:

Must been zum lo quality perfs at tymes

Who knows. Maybe it was all GENSUI.

Hu knows? But, even u kepe recummendin dat da wang n da triff chill a bit right? Gensui kan cum right awai, profound gensui tayks time.

ahahahah da problem wiz da ABM iz not dat hiz rep iz zmall

tiz dat

hiz tech

wuz far from perfect :whale:

derez fuckupz in almoz every ABM vid includin in eazy zheeyatz lyk da 2/3 brotha zon dat he haff been playin fo 50 yrz. da WOOD uzed to haff a ROCKY4 live rape wiz mo fuckupz den da DOC TOT :sunglasses:

by todayz cump ztandardz da ABM iz a mofo of ‘average accuracy’

zo bazically hiz level of ‘tech polizh’ wuz negligibly bettah den otha legendz of hiz day n no bettah n pozz worze den top cump mofoz today

in zhort: zmall rep, average tech :sunglasses:


But in a ‘meritocratic’ ‘hierarchical’ ‘cumpetitive’ environment lyk da cuncert penizt world in da mid 20th century

How da fuck did hiz reputation get zo legendary?

Da original HYPE maztah? :sunglasses:

I think da ABM never bettered in “control” but true he fuckups live like anybody else.

I’m most surpirsed he have a big fat huge sound in some bootleg LPs I always thought he was a tiny dick mofo dynamically.


He won some comps just as big comps were being formed in da 30’s.

Hahah HARZH.

Da TM problem wiz da Michelangeli is dat he dun haff da trademark pussy penetrating singing tone dat other greats have.

At times, his “monochrome” tonal variety works amazingly well, like in da Gaspard n sum depussy.

His Liszt Totentanz is world class.

Brahms Paganini? Overrated and he outright simplifies da entire ending of Book 1 -

into an alternating hands raw spazz unleash.

He also cuts out one of the bitchiest spots:

Any mofo pulling a similar sheeyat today would be anally gaped by a mediocre cock :sunglasses:

The michelangeli fall into the perfection mofo phrasing when not in tip top shape which sound a bit like this.


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gilda = tranzitioned gulda ? :lib:

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tiz da gulda aesthetic!

no hate

but he sucks

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y’all’s arms too short to box with god