Wuz Vladimir Horowitz an intellectual gensui? :ho:

I haf alwayz noticed in HO :ho: intahviewz n documentariez dat he haf a childlike charm, an innocence, n a tru love fo muzik

But not a ‘probing intellect’ lyk zumone zuch az…Brendel, Arrau etc

Iz diz becuz he really wuz incapable ov zuch ‘intellectual analyziz’ or juz becuz he let da muzik zpeak fo itzelf n didnt feel a need to pozture az an intellectual?

  • Da :ho: wuz an inztinctive innocent childlike gensui…da only tym he eva got anal wuz in da :bed:room
  • Da :ho: wuz a profound philozophical intellect…but didn’t giv a fuck about exprezzin it in wordz; only thro muzik
  • Wut da fuck even iz diz poll :ho:

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He was mercurial but his mind seemed pretty agile. The Mike Wallace interview he gets away with calling him a cunt and a news whore then hits him with insane next level wisdoms. Da Wallace mentioned it was one of his top interviews so something there. But I take away from those interviews is he’s sort needing to connect with everybody unless he’s in a mood which sort of translates to his skill of the piano

It would be nice to really hear an in-depth RUSSIAN interview

Richter had this to say about Horowitz: “Such talent! And such a trivial mind”

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In the ho erotic fantasy book it say he speak french with wanda and german with his boy toys. There are some french interviews around. I wonder if he’s more lucid there.


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