Wynton Marsalis - Selections from the Village Vanguard Box

randomly the first jazz CD i ever bought…eight yearz later still TRU for me

i left da first track offf (random intro)


Embraceable You
Buggy Ride
I’ll Remember April
Flee As A Bird To The Mountain
Happy Feet Blues
Juba And A O’Brown Squaw
Local Announcements

Haha fuck. You want the whole box?

Wellll…yeah if its no problem. I never really thought of it because this was the virgin fo me and i’ve always enjoyed, but yeah…if you have the whole baox, i’d like tho hear more…

Totally. It’s 7 CDs and it’s all amazing.

Will post it up tonight

i look forward to this… thiz one zheeyat kept me hip fo 8 yearz and now i git to hear more…