Y is the Polonaise-Fantaisie hated on?

Y? Ppl say it is unlike chopin and i believe it was Liszt who said “it stands outside the sphere of art”. wtf…i like the piece…

this is a great piece and there is no such piece by Chopin that is unlike Chopin … we can say there is young Chopin and elder one but everything connects to him. and it is very liked piece in Poland and considered as a hard work to interpreter it. but to be honest my proffesor went on giving me this piece this year and i said : eww… no … please … i prefer da spianato and grande…

Late Chopin is some of the most profound/philosophical music I’ve heard. Opus 61 is no exception.

I will even say, that in my opinion the Polonaise Fantasy is the Pinnacle of Chopin’s Late period. (tied with Ballade 4)

but u havent answered my ?..y do ppl hate on it? y did liszt?

btw, i love it too. I rate it as high as Ballade 4 and sonata 3, but ofcourse the Ballade 4 is the best piece and greatest by chopin…

i wouldnt really say that there is the best and greatest pieces by Chopin … he is so widely opened to each kind of piano music… and all his works are some how the greatest … and when you truly want to get to listen to this what we call polish “Żal” which means polish regret and grief … you know… even tho it might be proud and might be very “heroique” sometimes … but it is always with the “philosophy” actually. ofcourse these pieces you mentioned are the very enlarged piano music for the ability of interpretations … but i would doubt it if Chopin would want to hear that these are the greatest among others. and here in Poland … people love all the polonaises specially op.53 , op.22 and the fantasie

omg!!! so superstar, u’re polish!!! i didnt know dat/…wow, u were my favorite member b4, and now u truly r even more haha…man, do u have AIM?