Yo, Da WTC

yo byotches, sumone gimma a qucik liszt of da e*zyest PRELUDES in da WTC, yo, thankz.

WTC Bk I c minor
WTC Bk I c# minor
WTC Bk I d minor
WTC Bk II f#minor

WTC Bk I C major (1st one) is one of the hardest.

the list is subjective.

I’m not sure if I understand this list. The Presto towards the end of the C minor Prelude in Bk.1 is a pain. And while the C major Prelude from the same book is certainly one of the greatest preludes, it’s definitely not one of the hardest.

The Eb minor Prelude from Bk.1 is extremely undemanding, in purely mechanical terms. It’s far less demanding than any of those listed above. Musically, it’s sublime.

C major’s fugue is a biaatch


Yes, but we are only concerned here with Preludes. 8)

Which are your favourites randomly?

That’s like trying to choose between Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, or Keira Knightley. :smiley:

If I really had to, I could make the choice, but…

Keira 8)

You would turn down THIS Harvard graduate?


(I was going to apologise for derailing the thread… but I will never apologise for posting a picture like that 8) )

Alba> ALL

then it’s Portman followed very closely by Knightley

and Kate Beckinsale will be watching the poll by my side.

i’d rather hit da :comme:


Not a bad choice - of course you could not go wrong; it’d be like saying choosing the C# minor Bk.1 over the Eb minor Bk.1 was a mistake!

But I don’t know… Alba is of course a HELL YES!!! but so is Ms. Portman as shown above… :open_mouth:

B MAJAH first book <3 daim urz?

back on topic, da Bb book 1 is prolly one of the easiest.

ne suggeztionz fo witch of da FUGUEz iz ghey?

f zharp majah from bk 2 iz mah current fav, n probably of eaziah-average WTC difficulty

gay taste