Yo fav trios

Pick one from da classica, da romantic, da C20 to contemporary and one of da beaten track.

Classical - Haydn E maj no.28. If you don’t know the Haydn trios, explore them. They’re bloody amazing.

Romantic - Mendelssohn cmin

20th - Ravel

Beaten - tossing up between da Bridge Fantasie Trio and da Pimp Tristia

Mendy C minor, I don’t think I know that one.
I love the D minor though.

I pozz like the slow mov of the dmin better but the last mov of the c is amazing!

Brahms Horn Trio, Piano trios
Rachmaninoff Trio No. 1 (I prefer it to no. 2)
Tchaikovsky Trio
Shostakovich Trio 2
Dvorak Trio Op. 90
Schubert Trio Op. 99
Schumann Trio Op. 63
Babajanian trio
Zemlinsky Trio

And pretty much all Haydn, Beethoven, and Mozart Trios. Mendelssohn too.

Oh shit, I didn’t read the post:

Classical: Mozart K542
Romantic: Brahms Horn Trio
20th century: Shostakovich Trio 2
Lesser known: Rubinstein Op. 85?

Ravel and Tchaikovsky

I got bored with the Rach 2nd, pozz should try it again, but definitely like the 1st.

Babajanian, really? I have an Armenian friend who tried to get me to listen to some of his stuff. Can’t remember if I ever got around to it.

Oistrakh recorded the Babajanian. I’ll post a rec. It’s very moody.